Our Hours

                                                                                         Sunday............…Closed                        * Masks Are NOW OPTIONAL* 


                                                                                         Tuesday..............8:00AM to 6:00PM

                                                                                         Wednesday.........8:00AM to 8:00PM

                                                                                         Thursday......…..8:00AM to 6:00PM

                                                                                         Friday.................8:00AM to 6:00PM

                                                                                         Saturday.............8:00AM to 6:00PM    

Holiday Hours and Closings    ​​

Hallelujah....MASKS are NOW OPTIONAL for All Customers!!!  ALL EMPLOYEES are VACCINATED!!! We are at FULL capacity as mandated by Gov. Murphy and the NJ Board of Cosmetology; We have restored regular seating, and access to the facility we continue to have Hand Sanitizer for all,  and a Electrostatic Disinfecting Fogging Gun for all surfaces  for use at END of DAY to  protect our customers and our employees.  SEE YOU ALL SOON.

"Where we will bring the Old Fashion of Barber Shop Haircutting Back in Style!"

Our Master Barbers & Staff


Martina co-owner of A Cut Above Barber Shop has been cutting Men's, Ladies, and Children hair for over 45 years. Martina came as a small child from Cuba with her parents, first living in Yonkers, NY then moving to Old Bridge, NJ where she's lived for the last 48 years.  She learned her skill of Barbering and Hairdressing in Cedar  Ridge High School now called Old Bridge High School. She perfected her skill of barbering from numerous Barber Shops; like John's Barber Shop in Jamesburg and lastly Ed's Barber Shop in South River. Martina's specialty is the Faux Hawk, Low and High Fades, Full Service Hot Lather Straight Razor Shaves, she's a colorist for Men and Ladies, and easy enough the Front Flip crew cut and of course many ladies styles.

WWII  Battleship Barber Shop


​Natasha is our Newest addition to our staff and  has been cutting hair for over 33 years working towards her Master Barber title, she has been cutting Men's, Boys, and Ladies hair, and with Martina's guidance she will earn her Master Barber title. Natasha's has worked at some of the  salons and was even an Owner of her own Salon here in  Central Jersey.

Natasha's specializes in  Hair Colorization, all Fades, Scissor cuts styles, all modern haircuts.


​Kelly  excel's in one of our newest services to our shop, she's our Men's Only Manicurist and Pedicurist, She has been specializing in the Manicure/Pedicure industry for over 20 years. Her focus is not only cutting finger and toe nails, but giving an exceptional Spa like treatment; Hand and Foot massages with hot towel therapy, foot/hand scrubs and lotions.

Her equipment sanitizing and cleaning technique  has set the standard in the Manicure industry.

So give yourself that Nail Spa treatment without the "Girly Feel" it's time for you to get Pampered, so schedule your appointment with ​Kelly at A Cut Above Barber Shop.


A Cut Above Barber Shop was Established in 2006....

As told to me by his wife Florence, this building was originally a barber shop built for the late Eddie the Barber.

Eddie first learned to cut hair in the Navy on a Aircraft carrier during World War II.

 Then when he returned from the Navy he became an apprentice barbering here in New Jersey, and finally became licensed. Eddie worked for a few of the local Barbers in the area then decided to open and build his own shop. Happily cutting hair six days a week styles changed in the early 70's so he just opened on weekends and started to work for the

East Brunswick Board of Education.

The shop was built some time in late 50's after 45 years in hair cutting,

 Eddie retired and sold the building to two sisters in the wholesale balloon business.                        

In October 2006 Martina decided to open her own Barber Shop in this historic location.   

About Us

A Cut Above Barber Shop...is the premier men's barbershop experience. Men don't belong in a beauty salon. They belong in a barbershop!

Our shops emphasis is on uncompromising service, quality, dependable and convenient walk-in service, and on providing the best value for the experience.

Located on the border of East Brunswick and South River, New Jersey we give easy access and free Parking for today's busy man.

A Cut Above Barber Shop takes pride in offering a welcoming environment in a convenient location. With a décor appealing to masculine tastes, we offer full grooming services, Men Only Manicures/Pedicures, we even offer Shoes Shines and products for men. To further compliment our clients' experience we also cater to their Ladies and Children.

Our customers can relax and take a few minutes to read a newspaper, magazine or enjoy our array of TV's. In addition to exceptional grooming services, our clients can enjoy a variety of Boland sodas, water or Free beer with a grooming service. Plus, complimentary gourmet beverages, coffee, espresso, tea or just appreciate a brief break from work.

Men will no longer have to patronize a salon that targets female customers, and they won't have to drive out of town for a haircut. In today's busy world, convenience and value are the answer.

At A Cut Above Barber Shop  we offer these and much more.