"Where we will bring the Old Fashion of Barber Shop Haircutting Back in Style!"

As of September 2017 we have completed the renovation of the entire shop. Maybe you've notice a few changes; new awnings, and a new bathroom faucet, new ceilings, lighting,  new stations, new Flooring,  beautiful manly looking wainscoting of the walls, Retail wall and Hospitality center. And finally, the Shoe Shine Station, Men's Pedicure Station and best of ALL the Barber Shop Beverage Bar. We have updated the Barber Shop with an old fashion flair and the only modern... amities are some flat screens TV's, LED lighting, and the haircuts.

Phase two (Later in the NEAR Future) will be the outside parking lot and our up incoming lower level

"A Cut Below Barber Cigar Club."

Review the YouTube video above and let us know when you come in what you think.

Brand New Shop...Brand New Services                           


Renovations  Complete